TamamShamoon: Final Fantasy XIV - be careful with dungeon

Final Fantasy XIV - be careful with dungeon

Mar 3 2016 at 09:29pm
I made the same assumption based on the situation, however, that's from being OUT of the dungeon and in context of the complaint. Being in the dungeon and automatically assuming Eidolon meant for him to MT isn't a farfetched idea. If I assumed I knew the context (that he was asking if I wanted to MT) I wouldn't ask him what "Super Tanking" is. I'd simply say, "sure I got it" and proceed to MT (which is probably exactly what the person did).

When Eidolon made his comment in game however, it would of dawned on me what he actually meant, but honestly, not before. It's only because we're looking at it from an outside perspective. The only real contempt towards Eidolon here is the fact that he's calling the other tank an idiot for this. Yes, we understand he didn't respond very nicely, but making assumptions that everyone knows all the community based terminology (especially this one) then go to name calling is also a bit much. We understand the frustration part, but it seems like even a majority here have not heard of "super tanking" as a commonly used term. My static healer lets my hp drop to 10% for the limit break boost and calls it "edging

As for the 2nd part, that would be so the healers don't die due to DPS not grabbing enough hate quick enough or burning quick enough Cheap FFXIV Gil. It only takes a little bit of time of a healer getting beaten to the face with no one noticing for him to end up grabbing enormous amounts of enmity because now he has to heal himself and the tank and more than likely, start using AoE cures such as medica II or cure III. Not to mention, healer's casts can be interrupted or gob forbid they have to move to avoid an AoE from an add. Hence, OT that can very quickly grab the hate and take the dmg instead. If anything, it's easier for the OT to just grab and hold and let the DPS continue trucking away at the boss. The only problem with this is that you end up stretching the healers thin now as they have to heavily heal 2 tanks. So end story, it's much more efficient to just burn the adds quickly and get back to pommeling the boss's face after.

Now this notion of "super tanking" is indeed a good way to offset this issue. The problem however lies in whether or not the tank can actually withstand the amount of incoming dmg as now he's essentially taking on dmg that should be spread between 2 tanks. If both healer's don't realize this is happening, I can see this turning into a bad situation quickly.

Like I wouldn't want to "super tank" TitanEx (sync'd that is). I have enough trouble with Titan punching my face in. I don't really want/need his adds to help, especially with how much the healer's have to move and dodge as it is already. It would only take 1 bad circumstance of both healer's having to avoid WotL for me to go down with the amount of incoming damage I'd be taking.

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