TamamShamoon: Would You Like to Be A DPS in FFXIV

Would You Like to Be A DPS in FFXIV

Feb 29 2016 at 09:28pm
I remember when I was leveling WHM, playing SCH for so long got me used spare some DPS from time to time, depending on the tank. So, I was in Brayflox Longstop, which is quite popular when it comes to horror stories, as a WHM. I had a PLD that was... eh... below average. You know, that one that is allergic to defensive cooldowns. However I was confident I could DPS regardless.

Trash pulls went smooth. First boss time!: The tank pulls, so I determine how much time for DPSing I've got based on how much damage the tank takes. I was in Cleric, helping the DPS then I see the tank dropping below 20%. So I'm like "Yeah, it's time for some healing". I double tap Cleric Stance by accident (Come on, it happened to you too), I see no defensive cds being used and the tank dies. I apologized for the mistake, I told him I was going to spare more healings and it was just an accident, which happens.

The tank started to rant "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LET ME DIE. I am not going to tank anymore with a healer that is DPSing." Once again, I told FF14GilMall it was an accident, that I'm learning how to balance the healing/DPS on WHM and it was mostly the first time it ever happened to me as said job. The MNK asked the tank to "grow a pair" and get in the boss' area so we can keep going. The tank sent them to hell and he just decided sit outside, saying he was not going to run this dungeon with us anymore. He started to brag about how good he was. So, I started to get mad and insulted his lack of skill by no using a single cd and told him to get in and stop wasting our time. He went afk right after that. I initiated a vote kick. The DPS didn't care at all, actually they voted "yes" so yeah. We got a new tank and the run went smooth. I was not going to let the party wait for a tank that doesn't want to do anything because of a single mistake.

I understand I've made a mistake, we can argue about me practicing in DF is not a brilliant idea. However being a complete butt and prideful over it, reacting like a child, is not going to make the situation any better. When people make mistakes, I just nod, tell them it's okay and just keep going.

Reminds me of certain tanks I had the chance to meet in DF. That kind of tank that tell the DPS "If you pull, you tank". I'll respect that policy but I don't like that. I play healer most of the time in DF, so yeah... don't ask me to not heal them when they pull, because I'll punch your nipples. I'll not let the DPS die even if they engaged in, because I am slowing the run down by doing so. If you don't want to do your job because of your policy, you don't have the right to ask me to not do mine. And yes, I had some situations like this in DF. People need to keep their pride in their pocket and play the game.

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